Araxi - Soul of Sardinia

Il profumo originale della Sardegna. Vento, terra, acqua e fuoco sono gli elementi che caratterizzano una terra meravigliosa, antica e fiera. Elementi che parlano di una Sardegna unica, dal carattere forte, diffidente ma ospitale, terra che mostra con fierezza la sua storia e mantiene con orgoglio identità e unicità.

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Born in Sardinia

Araxi – soul of Sardinia was born from an idea of ​​Marco Abis, founding owner of GA.MA Beauty Srl, a leading company in Sardinia in the sector of phytoceutical professional cosmetics.

Enclosing the soul of a land – of its land – in an essence, transforming that breeze (araxi, in the Sardinian language) that caresses the sea, hills, mountains, into the fresh notes of a perfume. Thus was born Araxi, breeze of Sardinia, unisex perfume, progenitor of the Araxi line, soul of Sardinia. Myrtle, thyme, citrus fruits, sea stone and iris are some of the elements that make up its special olfactory note.

But there was still so much to tell about an ancient land, with a bitter and proud taste, sweet and deep, with transparent and mysterious waters that reveal and conceal ancestral memories. All this gives life to three other fragrances. Araxi Moro, strength of the earth, with intense and deep notes, Araxi Mora, magic of water, with a warm and sweet bouquet and Araxi Tuvas, enchantment of fire, enveloping and sensual.